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Keep Up With Our Progress

April 2020

Our top priority is to ensure that no one in need is left behind and that we are procuring supplies in sufficient quantities. One of our teams on the ground is going door to door to conduct our own census, and we will also use government data, church data, and other aid groups to most accurately assess the size and needs of our target population.

May 2020

During the first two weeks of May, Briland Aid provided food and paper goods for 1,175 families or approximately 2,600 people. After these first few weeks, we have been able to establish a more solid and quantifiable plan for moving forward over the next few months. We are gearing up to start Briland Jop Corps, and are being thorough in collecting the necessary supplies for our Brilanders!

June 2020

We are very excited to see our Briland Job Corps program kick off these first few weeks of June! We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we have already started to capitalize on some of the island's most needed improvement projects. Check the bottom of our home page for pictures and videos of our progress so far!

July 2020

Over the past few months, Briland Aid has come a very long way in their distribution process. Our team has already distributed food to 534 homes, distributed 6,800 gallons of clean drinking water, and distributed a months supply of propane to 300 homes. Briland Aid has recently been recognized for all of this hard work and more by Bahamas Local, a local Bahamian news station. We are very proud of the great work we have done so far. Click here to check out the article!