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Briland Aid has created a two-pronged approach to combat the effects of Covid-19. Our data collection team has identified 2500-3000 people between North Eleuthera and Harbour Island that require full assistance with basic life sustaining necessities.

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Doing What’s Needed

Briland Relief is a census-based effort dedicated to the procurement and distribution of food, water, personal hygiene items, medication, cooking fuel, and emergency care items to the residents of Harbour Island and North Eleuthera. We work tirelessly to ensure that Brilanders have a sufficient quantity of these necessities, which are essential to their survival during this unforeseen and difficult time. Our team has investigated the exact kinds and quantities of food needed, as well as the best ways to equitably distribute that which we procure; we are in close contact with the island's medical dispensaries and working hard to identify and distribute the appropriate types and quantities of medications; we have purchased large water tanks which will be filled at volunteered homeowner facilities and distributed to each resident in need.

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Doing What's Right

Briland Job Corps’ goal is to empower and employ as many Brilanders as we can. Unfortunately, because of the magnitude of unemployment, we cannot completely solve the need for passive economic assistance, however, we will do our best to put a proper dent in it. Our mission is to make much needed improvements on the island, while creating as many income generating opportunities for our Brilanders as possible. We have identified municipal projects and areas for improvement, including island clean up, restoration of the government dock, and capital improvements to public areas and structures. We have created a lottery application system in order to be completely fair and unbiased throughout our hiring process. We have procured hand tools, PPE equipment, garbage bags, dumpsters, and contracted all necessary vehicles.

Our Solutions: Programs
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